Our Purpose: Empowering Patients to Conquer Cancer

When someone develops cancer, two things have happened: mutated cells accumulate and the body’s immune system has failed to identify and eliminate them. It’s these unchecked mutated cells that become cancer cells. Thunder Biotech is developing new therapies that aim to help re-educate a patient’s immune system, restoring its ability to recognize and destroy cancer cells.

MOTO-CAR Immunotherapy

Thunder Biotech is a pre-clinical, cancer-immunotherapy company that has patented innovative treatments under development to treat cancer. Thunder Biotech’s MOTO-CAR immunotherapy is designed to engineer a patient’s own immune cells (macrophages) into MOTO-CARs, which target specific biomarkers present on the surface of tumor cells. In pre-clinical studies, these MOTO-CARs have the ability both to identify cancer cells and to engage the patient’s immune system to attack and destroy tumor cells.

This novel technology, developed by Thunder Biotech, has tremendous potential to help patients conquer cancer.  With this new approach to fight an old disease, Thunder Biotech is emerging as a leader in CAR (Chimeric Antigen Receptor) macrophage immunotherapy cancer treatment research.

Our Science