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The Promise of MOTO-CARTM Immunotherapy

Traditional cancer treatments, including surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, are invasive procedures that patients often find difficult to tolerate.

Thunder Biotech is working toward a more compassionate, effective, and less stressful cancer treatment. We are developing new innovative MOTO-CAR immunotherapy treatments, which hold the promise of attacking solid tumors and activating a patient's own immune system to eliminate cancer.

Science has shown that immune cells play a central-but dual-role in promoting and, paradoxically, destroying tumors. When a patient develops cancer, the patient's immune system has failed to identify and destroy tumor cells. Ironically, the patient's immune system often ends up protecting tumors and helping them develop. Thunder Biotech's MOTO-CAR immunotherapy is designed to reverse these inappropriate responses by re-educating the patient's immune system and restoring its ability to recognize and eliminate tumor cells.

Utilizing our advanced MOTO-CAR immunotherapy platform, Thunder Biotech will aim to genetically engineer a patient's own immune cells-the macrophages-to create MOTO-CARs, which could target specific biomarkers on the surface of cancer cells.

In animal models, these MOTO-CARs have been shown to hone to the tumor site, find the targeted biomarkers, and attack the cancer.

Thunder Biotech's MOTO-CAR platform of immunotherapies has the potential to attack all cancers, but our current focus is on destroying solid tumors, which make up more than 80 percent of cancers.

Thunder Biotech's preliminary data reveal that MOTO-CARs seek and destroy tumor cells in animal models. These findings demonstrate the MOTO-CARs' promising potential for effectively treating solid tumors.

Thunder Biotech will shortly apply to the FDA to begin the regulatory process with a goal of starting human clinical trials in 2021.