Thunder Biotech provides a full platform to eradicate cancer. Our unique universal biomarkers and immunotherapy solutions allow us to detect, treat and monitor cancer.

  • Our companion diagnostics and prognostics assay use our unique targets and proprietary antibodies to detect cancer and to monitor the effectiveness of cancer treatments.
  • Our advanced immunotherapy uses CAR immuno technology with both macrophages and T-Cells to find and destroy cancer cells.
  • Our new genetically modified macrophage – MOTO-CAR™ – products target our unique biomarkers found on the surface of cancer cells – but not on normal cells.


We provide a full platform for a complete cancer solution.

  • Detection – Our non-invasive diagnostic assay uses our unique biomarkers and proprietary antibodies to detect the presence of cancer.
  • Treatment – Our MOTO-CAR™ technology is an advanced immunotherapy using CAR macrophages to target our proprietary cancer biomarkers and initiate immune activation to destroy cancer cells.
  • Monitoring – Our non-invasive prognostic assay uses our proprietary antibodies and cancer biomarkers to monitor cancer regression post-treatment.

Thunder Biotech has been granted three relevant patents with six additional patents currently in the application process.