We provide a full platform for a complete cancer solution to detect, treat and monitor both solid tumor cancers and blood cancers using our unique targets and CAR immuno technology for macrophages and T-cells.    

  • We deploy advanced immunotherapy using CAR immuno technology with both macrophages and T-Cells to find proprietary biomarkers and destroy cancer cells.
  • Our new genetically modified macrophage – MOTO-CAR™ – targets specific proprietary biomarkers found on the surface of cancer cells.
  • Our companion diagnostics and prognostics assay use proprietary antibodies to detect and monitor both solid tumors and blood cancers.


Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) technology is the new frontier in cancer immunotherapy. Immune cells are removed from the body, genetically modified to recognize cancer-specific biomarkers, then infused back into the patient.

In short, our innovative and advanced technologies use the individual power of a patient’s immune system to effectively kill tumor cells.  


Thunder Biotech is a pre-clinical oncology company with unique technologies that deliver patent and patent-pending solutions for cancer diagnostics, prognostics and CAR immunotherapies.

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